But you have no idea what it is or how to get there…

It’s time to (re)FIND YOUR SPARK

Does the thought of going into another day at work completely turn you off – so much so your attitude about yourself AND your life has tanked?

Have you maxed out all your effort and creativity in your current position—even though at one point you couldn’t wait to get where you are?

Do you question who you are or even if you have a true talent – yet confusingly you’re called to do something bigger out in to the world – but what??


I’ve been to this very confronting and confusing place about three times in my life. Even though today I’ve lead thousands of sessions and changed the lives of successful women, I wavered and struggled making the leap into my own purpose and making money doing what I love.

It’s why I created my 5-Step G.I.F.T.S. Discovery Process which I walk you through when we work together.

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Through my 30-year background in personal development, my almost two-decades as a successful professional creative and my 10-year experience as a well-respected healer turned coaching company owner, I have the map to letting go of self-doubt, clearing the fear and money challenges and stepping into what you’re meant to do in this lifetime.

If you’re bursting at the seams for something new,
let me personally wake you up to. . .



Together we can spark something NEW.

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with elizabeth walker

A physician’s assistant is a favorite in his medical office and really gifted in his profession. The problem is–his heart isn’t in it anymore. On weekends he’s doing his real passion – flight instruction at a local municipal airport. He’d love to go full time but fears he can’t make enough money because there’s already a teacher in front of him. He woke up and finally just went for it – the main instructor soon retired and now his office is miles above the earth.

A former banker and stay-at- home mother lights up a room. With a knack for organization and skills at entertaining , she’s always helping her friends and family with putting on parties. She’d like to earn some more money and is completely uninspired with the options out there for her stage in life. She realized her true gift and soon was hired as a production manager with a staff at a popular community theatre. She now ensures the varied cast of multiple shows a year stay inspired during production and that the audience and high-end contributors remain entertained, well fed and informed of the details.

Dan Black Belt and Martial Artist of 30 years was an icon at his well-known gym and in the community. He had reached a high level of success but really was coasting in an area of his life. His dream of being a motivational speaker like the nationally known ones that he used to sell for when he was younger was still alive in him. He was so busy teaching popular fitness classes that his true talent – inspiring a larger crowd – was always on the back burner. Then he woke up and recently spoke to a crowd of 2000 people.

Two creative professionals are on a brink of a breakthrough. One has acted in a Martin Scorsese film and loves her voiceover work as well. The other is writing television scripts for multiple network shows. The problem is they’re both burned out with their traditional careers. The actress and voice talent really would be inspired by being a successful SUCCESSFUL yoga teacher – something bigger than her one-day-a- week class. She’d also love to do voice work for spiritual authors. The television writer would love to stay home with her kids and eventually renovate and flip houses. At this moment, they are waking up and working on their exit strategy. One already has an interview lined up at an international company that needs yoga teachers and voice talent. The other has just set a deadline for her husband’s company to bring in more money so she can spend the next summer with her kids.

One creative woman, a wife and mother, is completely bored. She knows she’s meant to do something else and yearns for the singing career she dreamt of early in life. The challenge? She’s completely freaked out to try. She soon realizes her life goals are still waiting after some open mic nights and today is currently working on her second album.