Unlock your Purpose: How to Tap into your True Talent and Raise Your Wealth

  • What if… You could discover ‘that thing’ you know you’re meant to do.
  • What if… It’s not too late to share your gifts, creativity or message with the world.
  • What if… Your work could give you endless energy AND a sustainable income.
  • What if… You didn’t have to throw away your hard-earned experience.

It’s possible if you know where to begin…

Feeling stifled, stuck in a box or simply burned out is a symptom of what Elizabeth calls crushed creativity. It happens when successful, creative women peak at a certain level in their work and don’t have a clue as to their next move.

What’s really happening…

Their true talent, passions and purpose are trying to be expressed. But if these women don’t know how to unlock the clues, they’ll remain stagnant, moody and scared to use their voice or personal power.

Elizabeth has walked this confusing path having come from almost two successful decades in the television industry. When she made her transition into being a speaker, coach and international teacher with the guidance of just herself, she learned several lessons along the way.

With compassion, expert advice and relatable stories Elizabeth shares with her audience what it takes (and when) to courageously step into their purpose-and especially from a demanding career. She easily helps them connect to where they are now to where they’d rather be on their professional and life path.

As she reveals the clues, Elizabeth also points out the importance of why we need to listen to our inner calling and what happens to our minds, bodies and spirit (and life as we know it) if we ignore those internal and sometimes very loud external triggers that show up in our daily experience.

Left inspired and motivated, participants will walk away having sparked something new – a new mindset and action plan to begin the process of gently moving into more meaningful work and their life purpose when THEY choose to do so.

Elizabeth firmly believes based on her personal experience and coaching hundreds of her clients, if we know our True Talents, the path to living a prosperous, purposeful AND creative life can be smooth and successful – if we know ourselves and the clues to look for along the way.