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You have just signed up for the Top 21 Questions to Spark Your True Purpose Kit! It’s my hope that you will be able to see some surprising patterns around where you have shined throughout your life so that you can create your own ideal job description. Or, maybe some old dreams will resurface and you’ll truly be ready to consider them now based on the ‘contrast’ you’re experiencing today in your work.

After thousands of sessions with women just like you, I remain passionate about waking people up to their true talents so they can show up more powerfully in this world, be fulfilled making a contribution and unlock an abundant living around these unique gifts.

If after filling out your quiz you feel like you have a true talent and an inner calling to something more meaningful in life yet you just shut down from all the possibilities in front of you…

Or you became frustrated and resigned to it, you feel discouraged about yourself

OR you still feel discouraged, remaining stuck – worried you’ll have to give up your salary or hard-earned experience to make a change.

Then I want to say – I’ve been where you’ve been and I know the way out of self-doubt.

That’s why I created my Spark Your True Purpose Discovery Session.

In 1-hour, I’ll personally go over the most important answers to your Top 21 Questions to Spark Your True Purpose as I’m truly looking for three significant indicators to show up in the area of your calling.


  • Clues and patterns that begin to reveal your True Talent.
  • The possibilities and timing if you were to step into your Purpose.
  • And, you’ll receive my top recommendations to help you go from feeling confused and doubtful into sparking something new in your life and work.
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