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Facing Fear

On this particular drive, like any given day, I’m usually checking in with my feelings. I believe that our emotions hold the key to what needs to be healed so if there is any variation [...]


Witnessing Humanity

So no one said when we were younger it would be easy to be on the path of life – well maybe they did in your household- not mine. I learned at 13 when I [...]


What knocks you off your purpose?

I call it flying blind – day by day being in the ‘doing’ mode and not seeing what beautiful messages the Universe has to offer. I get caught up in it too. If you’re at [...]


A Hidden Lesson

I recently joined a gym because exercising between clients or kids just wasn't working for me. Well, in a class I'm in there's a penalty for getting off your goal weight. I knew the penalty [...]


Can Discomfort become Comfortable?

In a recent discussion, it just flew out of my mouth...what if all the angst we go through learning our life lessons is actually the new norm - well hopefully not forever of course. But [...]

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