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Your #1 Resolutions Saboteur

If you ever want to see true resistance at its best come watch me... I think I’m actually someone’s worst client! (keep reading and you’ll find out the story) Resistance – what is it? It’s [...]


3 Ways to Tame the Negative Voice in Your Head

“What the #$%*&! are you doing??”  said the obnoxious voice which I had often heard in my own head. Then the one day when I heard my guides I was surprised at how soft and [...]


Think Potential

What does the word POTENTIAL really mean? We hear it tossed around a lot and even I use it – ‘your highest potential.’ Yet, when you’re feeling in the muck who wants to hear that [...]


The Quota for Bad Days

I was reminded this past year that life isn’t always about having it nice and easy all the time. I think as children we learn when we get the Band-Aid and a lollipop that ‘oh, we’re [...]


Survive a Fall

If your world ever comes crashing down or you are afraid it will – let a little Beta fish be your inspiration. Recently our cat knocked off our fish bowl from the high fireplace mantle. [...]


Who is triggering you?

In my private practice and in my own life I know that our children are our greatest teachers. Often a parent will bring in their kids in search of answers around their behavior. While I [...]

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