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When Quitting Isn’t An Option

Do you know your job isn't right for you yet you feel trapped in making the change? My kids were watching a TruTV comedy show last night and this woman was tossing a penny into [...]


Recognizing Your True Calling

Even though discovering your true calling is a big subject, here are my quick tips that you may or may not be close to your life’s mission. If you've been feeling depressed or stuck, it's [...]


What 10 Billion People Have Viewed–And How It Woke Me Up

I was shocked at the numbers. Does everyone know this but me? My son was watching the most popular YouTuber in the world. Yes, that says WORLD. Besides some wacky skits, the Swedish man who [...]


The Trap You Didn’t See Coming…

What if what the guidance feels wrong? In my last blog, I wrote about missing the messages. But what if you actually got the message intended for you but you totally misinterpreted it? What if [...]


Are We Wrong for Missing the Message?

Can you really hear someone’s advice for you and quickly jump in headfirst?  Why should you even care about whether you do or don’t? Maybe you’re the type that you have to hear a message [...]


Sometimes We All Take a Wrong Turn

In the last 6 months I’ve really seen many of my clients questioning what they’re doing here. Yes, often in their marriages, but truly questioning what they’re here to do--in this world. Even the teens [...]

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