I’ve been fascinated lately about the thought of how much positive energy we can handle in our lives. We tend to focus so much on the negative aspects and how much is too much or how much those downward feelings weigh on us, but what about the lighter ones?

What is your threshold for continual positive days? I know I have one and I’ve been experimenting with testing its limits.

Maybe it’s 30 days of joyous living until you find yourself coming down into the gray zone again and seeing yourself as a little resistant to the things that make you feel good. I know it comes from growing up that as kids we were so ‘free to be’ and ‘in the moment’ the bright lights that we were also made us big bundles of energy and words and action, action, action. And, if the adults around us weren’t comfortable with their own true selves (and us being ‘our big, true selves’ ) they capped it.

Again, doing the best they could with their own experience, adults often taught us to limit our best selves.
We revel in the worm poking from a dirty sidewalk edge and then you hear “Put that down, we’re just about to go eat. “ Squish. As a pre-teen you’re excited to share about a new boy or girl who is appealing to you. So excited you bubble into the room and reveal your feelings to some authority figure and you hear “it’s not real when you’re this young.” Squish.
By the time you get to your first job out of college, the human spirit reigns and continues to give you joyful feelings of your accomplishments, maybe for days on end – true positive feelings gushing forward but somewhere inside of you the threshold appears.

It’s like a muscle that has a limit of how much it stretches and soon you wait for your boss to be disappointed in your performance and because you think that, it really happens. Squish.

I encourage you to look at how much positive energy you can handle in your body, your container and in your life before you feel like you are expecting it to end or you in fact, out of habit, start self-sabotaging behaviors to bring  yourself down to the ‘comfort zone’ of what you learned early in life.

Once you have a sense of the days you can handle, like a cat in the morning, stretch your limbs and your life even farther into the positive zone. You’ll be glad you did!