Helping smart, driven, creative woman who are burned out in work but know they are meant for more discover their true purpose so they can show up more powerfully and abundantly while sharing their gifts with the world.

If I was told in my early teen years that one day I’d be an international teacher helping and mentoring hundreds and eventually thousands of people get unstuck from their deepest struggles I would have said “that’s crazy!”

“No way…I’m quiet, shy and self-conscious” is also what I would have thought – but it was exactly in those early awkward years that I began to dive into what would become an over 30-year background in Personal Development.

My mother handed me inspirational and self-help books that her mother handed her and my journey began. I had always known even at age 13 there was something more and deeper to what was in front of me. When I learned a philosophy about life centering around learning our lessons, helping others and overcoming fears, I started to put meaning to my existence, my path and this world. Yet, I was still clueless to my own creative gifts and talents.

All I knew in high school was that I wanted to be behind-the-scenes in television – it seemed perfect for a girl who grew up in a tiny, yet famous ski resort town where everyone knew my name and I was done being seen – or so I thought.

My passion was being a television producer and writer – a successful career that lasted 17 years before I had my two boys. I got to travel tons, lead shows for national cable networks, write and direct on-camera talent. (And yes, stress oozed from my pores but it was exciting!)

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”


It was no shock to my colleagues that I heavily produced my own wedding – an event to my surprise that landed in the pages of Modern Bride Magazine’s local edition. I was smart, talented and driven in all ways. But it wasn’t always this way…

Right out of college during my first job in television my paid vacations weren’t about beaches and bikinis-they were about personal development retreats and workshops. I was just there to have fun and learn about me but I woke up for the first time and uncovered core wounds and fears that I never thought I had. I typically gave away my power, I feared being emotionally abandoned and I was afraid to speak my truth. Geez – who knew! But as I began to wake up, do my personal work and heal these areas, I soon had mentors and teachers telling me I was a natural healer and I had a unique ability. I Did??

I barely could comprehend what I was being told. I thought my talent was in television but it would be decades later I would finally realize my natural gift was helping others realize their own true purpose.

My turning point came at the heels of having kids. My executive bosses were looking for rock stars to run their shows. I was already in that position and I remember thinking: “I don’t think I have it in me anymore, I’ve already been ‘all out’ and they want more? With a network push, I totally got why they asked for more but I had to really ask myself “What do I really want for my life??”

For the first time, my answer was a ‘no’ – I just wanted to rest, raise kids for a few years and get inspired again. (ironically just as I made my decision, my mother was given 30 days to live after a six-year battle with cancer so I was able to fly across the country to be with her full time. )

Today, I work with women who are just like me – successful and creative who have had the career, the projects and everything they envisioned but are truly bored and burned out. They show up at work or with their kids, but they have a deeper knowing they’re meant for something else. They have no idea what that is–they feel lost and confused and they fear they’ll have to give up their hard-earned experience and earning potential.

Welcome to my journey too. I loved television and staying home with my kids in their early years. Yet, I found myself still searching for more and trying to scratch the itch of helping more people. I had no idea what that looked like and it would be a three year process of indecision, hesitation and fear of stepping into my true calling. After struggling to figure it out myself, little did I know I’d soon be teaching this process!

I can tell you first hand, discovering your unique talents and meaningful work doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your success. I have built a thriving and fulfilling coaching business and have been a well-respected holistic healer for a decade, helping, mentoring and coaching thousands in my lifetime.

I remove what’s in the way of your happiness and teach what has only been proven to work in my own life and the lives of my clients. I tend to know you better than you know yourself and I truly feel it’s my mission to wake you up to YOU and get you on a much more rewarding path in life – because we all deserve to be happy, fulfilled and excited to contribute to this world. And if I can do it – anyone can!

Really, seriously, no I’m not kidding…if I can find my path three times, become confident and self- expressive (remember I was a shy kid!) and actually get in front of the camera and share my message with the world you can too!